About Us

Why TruKnow?

Showing how a team or relationship can get better results together is what Truknow does best. It is an easy to use tool for marriages, couples, parents, teams, professionals and leaders.


What Is TruKnow?

Truknow is a visual resource that shows a team or relationship’s unique needs and strengths. It shows how a team or relationship can get better results together. Participants can utilize an already developed tool by registering and clicking (Services)or create their own custom tool by registering with independent/affiliate services.


How Does TruKnow Work?

Each participant registers, signs in to their private account and chooses their area of focus, (users can experience a standard report that has already been created or they can create a custom report of their own). Once a report is selected, it is completed by the primary user. The primary user then sends email invites to others they would like to complete the same report on their behalf.

Once a report is complete, results are automatically scored, graphed, and compared with the other participants. A Report Summary is provided only for the primary user’s review. The Report Summaries can be used to measure quality, assess relationship(s) dynamics, increase awareness, and reveal direct solutions to improve.


Watch this short video to learn more about TruKnow

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