Love Bank Inventory

Love Bank Inventory

This exercise takes approximately 5 minutes. After answering each question follow the instructions on bottom to learn YOUR Love Bank Quotient. When finished; click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the report. You will then be directed to send an email invite to your spouse/significant other, requesting them to complete the same report so you can compare your results.

Emotional -

  1. I experience a good feeling whenever I think about my spouse/significant other
  2. I enjoy being with my spouse/significant other
  3. Whenever I day dream I tend to think about my spouse/significant other
  4. My spouse/significant other brings out the best in me
  5. My spouse/significant other has many personal traits that I admire

Trust -

  1. I enjoy telling my spouse/significant other my deepest feelings and most private experiences

Commitment -

  1. I have not recently considered ending my marriage or relationship with my spouse/significant other
  2. I would be very upset if I were ever to lose the companionship of my spouse/significant other

Communication -

  1. I enjoy talking with my spouse/significant other
  2. I want my spouse/significant other to tell me his or her deepest feelings and most private experiences

Chemistry -

  1. I enjoy my spouse/significant other's sense of humor
  2. I find my spouse/significant other's personality to be attractive
  3. I am fascinated by my spouse/significant other
  4. My spouse/significant other is a type of person that is easy for me to like
  5. I feel that there is a good chemistry between me and my spouse/significant other

Physical -

  1. I am easily sexually aroused by my spouse/significant other
  2. I find my my spouse/significant other to be physically attractive

Effort -

  1. I tend to overlook my spouse/significant other's mistakes
  2. I enjoy doing things for my spouse/significant other
  3. I find myself spending quite a bit of time thinking of ways to make my spouse/significant other more happy
  4. I am in love with my my spouse/significant other
TO FIND YOUR LOVE BANK QUOTIENT: First, add the scores for items 1 through 20 (do not include item 21). Strongly Agree= +3. Agree= +2. Slightly Agree= +1. Slightly Disagree= -1. Disagree= -2. Strongly Disagree= -3. Unsure or N/A= 0. Then divide that score by 20, the number of items, to obtain the Love Bank Quotient. If the items were answered correctly, the Love Bank Quotient will be within one point of the answer to item 21.  My experience with this inventory leads me to conclude that a quotient of 1.8 or greater is obtained when a person is “in love”. Total score of items 1-20: ___________ Total score divided by 20: __________ (Love Bank Quotient)

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